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Delivering powerful media & marketing solutions

Since 2004 Close-Up Television & Radio has been working with entrepreneurs in every business imaginable. From the aerospace industry to youth camps - we believe that every industry matters and every business has a unique story.


We started as a video production company and our nationally broadcast show "Close-Up on America's Business" bought those stories to millions of Americans. Today we offer a whole host of media options all designed to help you - the entrepreneur - get your message out to a wider audience.


Closeup Television has partnered with Blog Talk Radio to provide our clients a direct way to interact with their consumers and targeted audience both nationally and internationally through conversational marketing. Our show covers such categories as Business, Finance, Entertainment, Sports, Book Launches, Technology, Education, Health, Politics, Self help, Life Style, Spirituality and much, much more. 

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TV Studio Interview

Third party endorsements - such as an appearance on a news program - enable participants to leverage the credibility of the host along with the high impact visuals of a professional video production.  Give your website and media campaign a professional polish with an in studio interview with our host Jim Masters. Communicate what makes your business different and motivate prospects to trust you.

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Location Production

A video shot on location is a great way to showcase your business's unique space. If your company specializes in manufacturing, construction, hospitality or any business that uses its space in a meaningful way, then a professionally shot and hoisted corporate video is the best way to promote your company.  Your video can be featured on your website or any social media campaign. Show your business off with a professional video shot on location.

Social Media

Social media is an important part of any online promotion. The media assets we create for you here at Close-Up Television & Radio can all be tailored to blend seamlessly with any social media strategy you employ regardless of platform. 


Newswire Releases


Prior to the airing of any show, we send out a Newswire press release. The press release informs over three thousand media outlets around the world about your upcoming appearance on our show. The media outlets range in size from small local newspapers and radio stations to large international multi-platform media giants. Everyone is looking for a story and a Newswire press release is a go source in he media industry for fresh, unique stories like yours. ​


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Digital Publishing

Empowering Professionals is an all digital magazine style publication. While that mention of your client in yesterday’s newspaper is probably now in the recycling bin, a mention in a media site continues to live on well past the date it was posted. The article featuring your client will be archived on the site, forever searchable to those who might have read or heard about it elsewhere.


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