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Television Studio Interviews

Powerful news style TV interviews to promote your business

Unparalleled Credibility 

Third party endorsements - such as an appearance on a news program - enable participants to leverage the credibility of the host along with the high impact visuals of a professional video production.  Give your website and media campaign a professional polish with an in studio interview with our host Jim Masters. Communicate what makes your business different and motivate prospects to trust you.

Melissa Corley Carter, PhD

Dr. Melissa Corley Carter, The Barefoot Dancing Rocket Scientist, is an actual rocket scientist, 7 continents marathoner, astronaut reject, award-winning author, speaker, and certified professional coach who helps high achievers dream bigger and live an epic life. She loves helping people reconnect with their true selves and remember how powerful, unique, and awesome they are.

Naomi Hoshino Horii

Naomi Hoshino Horii is an intuitive healer. Saying hello to ourselves includes acknowledging our untapped potential. Naomi offers intuitive healing and reading sessions, using techniques for spiritual, mental, physical and emotional healing that bring her clients into their wholeness and divinity with love. Naomi says her clients are people who are ready to make a change in their life, whether it's changing their lifestyle or a new job or relationship.

Dr. Don Allen

Dr. Don Allen, is an exceptional Clinical Social Worker, Certified EMDR specialist and consultant, Public Speaker, Certified Gottman Therapist. In this studio interview, Don discusses important topics including the essential need for balance and internal locus of control. He will talk about how COVID-19 has had major effects on our romantic life.

Carol Collins

Carol Collins is also known as "The Pittsburgh Medium". She is a trance channeler and the original channeler of Jeshua, a collective of spiritual beings who teach The Essential Material through her. Channelers like Carol have a unique spiritual ability. The trance state softens the mind in a way that allows the spiritual guide to use their voice in addition to receiving messages and images in the traditional clairvoyant method.

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