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Empowering Women Podcast Series

Inspiring women telling their unique stories

Choose to be an EMPOWERED WOMAN

Close-Up Television & Radio has featured over one-thousand inspiring women on our podcast. These women all have one thing in common - they choose to be "empowered".  An empowered woman is someone who knows her strengths and isn’t afraid to embrace them. To be empowered means to be in control of your life, aware of your capabilities, and ready to take on even biggest dreams.  

Listen to some of the podcasts on the following pages to hear some truly inspiring and empowering stories.

Lindsay Whiting

Lindsay Whiting blogtalk.jpeg

Sonoma, CA - Lindsay Whiting is an author, independent publisher, and book coach who is equipped to help writers at any stage of the book publishing process. As a dedicated Book Coach she helps self-publishers plan, prepare, publish, and promote nonfiction books.  

Lindsay Whiting
00:00 / 31:51

Karen Crehan Sayago


Hopewell Junction, NY – Karen Crehan Sayago is a highly sought after communicator and messenger of the Nature Angels, Flower Therapy Healer, Flower Essence Photographer, Reiki Master, and author of the e-book, The Power of the Flowers: A Book on Healing.

Karen Crehan
00:00 / 34:31

Melissa Hughes

Hughes Hero Image.jpg

Naples, FL – Dr. Hughes is a highly sought after keynote speaker, neuroscience geek, and author of Happier Hour with Einstein, Happier Hour with Einstein: Another Round, and the full-color companion Gratitude Journal.

Melissa Hughes
00:00 / 30:15

Michelle Poole


Green Bay, WI – Michelle Poole is an energy healer and the founder of Reclaim Balance. Established in 2018, she currently specializes in sound therapy, emotion code, and body code.

Michelle Poole
00:00 / 31:10

Melissa Domingo

Melissa Domingo_edited_edited.jpg

Charlotte, NC – Melissa Domingo is a Certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner at Purely Elevate. In addition, Melissa is a Complementary and Alternative Healthcare Practitioner and trained in Naturopathy, who specializes in energy medicine.

Melissa Domingo
00:00 / 31:12

Ellen Rothstein


San Francisco, CA – Ellen Rothstein is a certified Life Transition Coach, an exhibiting artist, and a contributing author for She Is You, a supportive community helping women in their 40s, 50s reinvent their lives with passion and confidence.

00:00 / 30:24

Salinas, CA – Terri Bradway, is an ICF-certified life coach and creator of Terri Bradway Life Coaching, who is thrilled and honored to help clients transition from feeling confused, undecided, and overwhelmed to feeling confident, empowered and prioritized.

Terri Bradway
00:00 / 30:57

Terri Bradway

Terri Bradway.jpeg

Darlene Cunha


Bridgewater, MA - Darlene A. Cunha, MMHC, BSN, RN, CENP, ACHE has been a practicing nurse for more than 40 years. She has held nursing and operational roles across multiple specialties, including critical care, emergency services, women and children services, clinical education, care management, quality and surgical services, and physician practices. In addition, she has held two adjunct professor roles at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. 

Darlene Cunha
00:00 / 29:52

Annette Fazio

CUTV News Radio welcomes back Annette FazioAnnette Fazio
00:00 / 31:02

Fort Meyers, FL - An entrepreneur and author, Annette speaks professionally on self-confidence and business success to women’s organizations, business owners and managers. She focuses on strong ethics and values that not only create employee loyalty, but also spreads an attitude of integrity, employee confidence, leadership among the ranks, and ultimately business longevity.

Samantha Ruth

Samantha Ruth.jpeg
Samantha Ruth
00:00 / 32:32

Denver, CO -- Samantha M Ruth is an inspiring professional. She has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Psychology, which she obtained while living in Michigan. She practices in a way that is beyond therapy. It’s unique and revolutionary, and focused on concepts like overcoming adversity and being your true self.

Barbara Coloroso


Greeley, CO - Barbara Coloroso is an international bestselling author, and for the past 48 years an internationally-recognized speaker and consultant--on parenting, teaching, school discipline, positive school climate, bullying, grieving, nonviolent conflict resolution, genocide, and restorative justice.

Barbara Coloroso
00:00 / 30:08

Nina Kelly

nina kelly.webp
Nina Kelly
00:00 / 30:10

Delray Beach, FL – Bees don't just make honey. They are critically important to nature, more so than people ever realize. They play a vital role as pollinators, ensuring we have beautiful flowers, fresh fruits and vegetables. Nina M. Kelly is the author of HoneyBee TreeHouse, a children's picture book that introduces young readers to the importance of saving the bees, and what they can do to help.

Christine Rose

Christine Rose.png
Christine Rose
00:00 / 34:10

SEATTLE, WA -- Christine Rose is an author, speaker, and award-winning certified business and executive coach. As CEO of Christine Rose Coaching and Consulting, a boutique coaching firm, Christine employs proven tools, decades of business experience, her keen intuition and coaching expertise to help business owners and leaders grow their teams, profits and companies.

Lerae Gidyk

Lerae Gidyk.jpeg
Lerae Gidyk
00:00 / 31:11

Scotch Creek, BC – Lerae Gidyk is a master certified coach and founder of Soul Designs Coaching, where she creates positive change by providing opportunities for people to realize their potential. Having coached people all over the world, Lerae is expanding her reach by offering online coaching courses. Today Soul Designs offers individual coaching, online courses and retreats designed to help people lead, live and coach better.


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