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CUTV News (hereafter referred to as "CUTV Inc.") is paid consideration for dissemination of news, consultation, promotional and public relation services rendered to those companies featured on this website. However, CUTV Inc. maintains the final editorial control of the content on this website. Users may, through hypertext or other links, gain access to other third party sites on the World Wide Web which are not part of CUTV Inc.’s site.

CUTV Inc. is not affiliated with such third parties and such access does not in any manner constitute a recommendation to purchase any products or services thereon.

CUTV Inc. is not responsible for the content of third party sites and shall have no liability to any person or entity therefore. Moreover, CUTV Inc. assumes no responsibility for the use of third party software on the CUTV Inc. site or any third party site and shall have no responsibility whatsoever to any person or entity for the accuracy or completeness of any outcome generated by the user of such software.”

“CUTV Inc.” and its national television show has no direct affiliation with the networks on which it airs. Airtime is purchased through cable providers, networks/stations and/or other media sellers.

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