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On Location Interviews

Showcase your business with a corporate documentary 

Unparalleled Credibility 

A video shot on location is a great way to showcase your business's unique space. If your company specializes in manufacturing, construction, hospitality or any business that uses its space in a meaningful way, then a professionally shot and hoisted corporate video is the best way to promote your company.  Your video can be featured on your website or any social media campaign. Show your business off with a professional video shot on location.

DLZ Corporation

DLZ Corporation is an architectural and engineering consulting firm specializing in public works. With 750 employees across 22 offices, DLZ is among the premier engineering firms in the Midwest. DLZ’s work determines whether a project will function as designed and whether it can be built within the budget. These projects can include anything from freeway interchanges to prisons.

Theodora Uniken Venema of Downtown Brokers

Theodora is a top notch Life & Career coach as well as a licensed real estate broker and Founder of Downtown Brokers LLC. Through her exceptional coaching, Theodora has been helping hundreds of hopeful Europeans achieve their American dream. In this corporate documentary, she shows Jim Masters around her native country The Netherlands.

Dennis Hurwitz, M.D.

Dr. Hurwitz is the author of Comprehensive Body Contouring: Theory and Practice, which presents an analysis of the innovative technologies and techniques he has developed over the past 15 years of clinical experience. It is both an instructional manual and surgical atlas. “You always want to either improve the aesthetic results or reduce the problems, the complications,” says Dr. Hurwitz. “You desire to always want to try to make it an easier recovery, a more reliable recovery, and hopefully a better result.” 

Buffy Ford Stewart

Buffy Ford Stewart is a witness to rock and roll history. The wife of the influential folk singer and songwriter John Stewart, she recalls the day her husband wrote the classic “Daydream Believer,” one of The Monkees’ greatest hits and among the most enduring songs of the last 50 years. Buffy and her husband shared a profound musical bond. He often referred to her as his muse. Their musical love affair lasted more than 50 years until he sadly passed away in 2008. A singer and songwriter in her own right, Buffy has just released her new album Once Upon a Time.

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