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Press Releases

Introduce your story to over 3,000 media organizations

Prior to the airing of any show, we send out a Newswire Press Pelease. The press release informs over three thousand media outlets around the world about your upcoming appearance on our show.

The media outlets range in size from small local newspapers and radio stations to large international multi-platform media giants. Everyone is looking for a story and a Newswire press release is a go source in the media industry for fresh, unique stories like yours. ​

In partnership with EIN Newswire, we are able to offer our clients the added benefit of unparalleled reach through targeted press releases to over 3,000 media organizations. A press release is a short synopsis designed to inform media companies of potential stories they may want to look into for further development. 

Each press release is professionally written by our in-house writing team and designed for maximum interest.
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