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Over 15 years of bringing entrepreneurial stories to life

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Close-Up Television & Radio is a premiere news magazine TV program and Podcast spotlighting the most successful business owners and thinkers across America. Close-Up Television is a Telly Award winning broadcast that has featured thousands of industry leaders on our shows. We are a professional News Magazine Show, viewed and listened to by millions of people who continue to be captivated by our intellectual, informative and entertaining storytelling style. Join us! Viewers and listeners are eager to learn about your unique story. 




Tanya Legault

Hello Louis, 

Thank you so much for reaching out! I must tell you, your team is wonderful. 


Thank you for the links, beautiful engagement we have going on. Amazing. 


Tanya Legault

CEO of Top Tier Consulting

Maureen Santora

Working with the Best.


For the past several months and in the past several years, I have had the pleasure of working with someone who is truly not only a consummate professional but also a wonderful, kind and very funny individual. Jim Masters listens to his clients. He learns about them. He makes them feel that they are special. It is a pleasure to speak with him. He is a master of his craft. I feel blessed to have the opportunity each week for the past several months to "chat" on topics that I am passionate about. Jim has never corrected me or expressed that my opinions are silly or inaccurate. I appreciate that. We have now become friends. 


When a client ventures to speak there is a commitment involved. Money is one thing but the desire to speak your mind is another. Having someone on the other end encouraging and helping you speak your mind is essential to the experience. I have enjoyed each talk. 


If you are thinking about doing this, I strongly recommend you do. It is empowering especially when you have a person like Jim Masters to help you each step of the way. 


Maureen Santora (educational advocate)


Lena Jackson

Hi everyone,
I wanted to send a quick message to say thank you for the opportunity to interview today! This has been an amazing experience each and every step of the way!
Your entire team has been so thoughtful, helpful, and each of you made me feel comfortable and supported throughout the process. I think it's a wonderful thing that you're doing by providing your platform.  You're offering a great service by helping small businesses like myself gain exposure to reach a much wider audience. I know for sure I'll be able to help many more people to come and it means so much to me to have been featured on your show today.
Again, I am grateful for this opportunity and wish you all the very best with your show and ongoing endeavors!
Lena Jackson, CPRW, MBA, MS
President & Chief Career Strategist

Maya Hennessey

Thank you Louis for this exciting news.

You and everyone at Close Up Radio have been so helpful and supportive.with warm regards and appreciation,



Maya Hennessey

Author of

If Only I'd Had This Caregiving Book

Beth Wolfe,

Thanks so much!!!


Doug was absolutely fantastic and fun!  I had a blast 💥!!

Say thank you to your entire team and all they did to make it happen!

Appreciate You All!!
Beth 💫

Susan Marshall


Jim Masters is a master.  What fun it was to talk with him today.


Really appreciate your professionalism, skill and all this wonderful information.

I will be sure to make great use of it.


Congratulations to you and your entire crew for doing important, interesting and

meaningful work!


Susan A. Marshall

Speaker, Author, Confidence Advocate

Darci Lang

Thank you so much Doug for such a great interview. I could have talked to you all day!


Thank you to everyone else for your great service. Truly, you were all so friendly and helpful.


Have a wonderful week,



Naomi Hoshino Horii

I wanted to give you all a huge thank you for the show and all your hard work and professionalism.


Jim, many people commented about what a wonderful show host you are and how you really kept the interview flowing in such a warm and beautiful way.


Barry, people also mentioned to me how they liked the interview questions. I appreciate your thoughtfulness in crafting those and producing the show.


Frank, I appreciate your keeping me apprised of everything at each moment in such a professional and efficient way.


Louis, I thank you for keeping everything running so smoothly.


You all are such a great team of people and I thank you for including me for your show.


Happy New Year! May it be a great one for all of us.


Warm thanks,


Naomi Hoshino Horii 


Erica Towe​

Hi Frank


Thank you so much!  Jim was fabulous and I had a great time.  Thank you to you and the team for keeping me in the loop every step of the way.   Everyone was helpful in guiding me through the process and following up with me when it was all done.


Thank you again for all the work you all did on your end.


Erica Towe

Karen Moore McDonald

Dear Louis, Beatrice, and Alexis,


I want to say thank you to each of you for the help you have given me over the last couple of months in preparation for my interview with Jim this morning. I realize from Louis’ email that your support is ongoing during the next month as you steer people to my website, in addition to archiving the interview itself. Each of you is so good at your job, and wonderfully warm and welcoming in the process as you expertly go about your work. My appreciation and gratitude are extended also to Jim and to Frank.


Continued success with your work in connecting and uplifting people in such positive ways, with my best of wishes.


Warm regards,



Susan Kavaler-Adler, PhD, ABPP

Jim Masters is a real professional, a great interviewer, and a talented producer. Jim interviewed me for 3 radio shows and one video interview through CUTV news. This was the best experience I had in many years! It was a great conversation first, and then - Jim led me flawlessly through my life and memories, which were video-taped. I recommend Jim without any reservations to anyone who would like their books, life, and practice to be unveiled in the best light they deserve!   

Monica Nicoll, Ph.D

Dear Louis,

Thank you for the tremendous opportunity; Jim Masters was very professional and so inspiring himself!  I wish you health in the next many weeks as the world turns in a difficult way.  

All your interviewers were also incredible and so warm.  


I will think about the next steps going forward.



Monica Nicoll, Ph.D., LCMHC

Elizabeth Semion

Hi Jim,


I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to go through this process with you.  I was definitely out of my comfort zone and not only did you help me feel at ease but you also did a wonderful job facilitating our conversation - Thank you!  You are definitely a master at your craft!


Also, thanks to the rest of the team that makes up Close Up Television - it's been an absolute pleasure!


Stay safe and healthy,



Alice Asmar

"If you want to be interviewed by the best interviewer on this planet, do yourself a favor, Call Jim Masters!  During your interview with him, you will feel as though you are in a great conversation with your best friend… and you will be calm.

Jim Masters has mastered “The Art of Interview”.  He is an excellent listener and hears not only your words but your commas, periods & exclamation marks.  Mainly, Jim will hear you deep feelings and will ask questions in amazing depth that will lead to your insightful answers that might surprise you.  You and he will continue talking and the entire session will become a masterpiece."


Lindy Brewster

Hi Lou,


Thank you. The radio shows are clearly having an impact! I am getting much more traffic on my LinkedIn and Alignable accounts too.


I’d like to catch up with you and talk about marketing re speaking engagements etc. do you have any time next week.


Best, Lindy-

Alice Asmar




Audrey Herrick

"I have been working with Host Jim Masters for a few months now doing radio and television interviews. His calm, grounded presence sets the tone for relaxed and sincere discussions. He easily relates to situations that I am presenting. Jim remembers experiences I have talked about previously and will weave them in and out of our discussion topics. He is professional, sincere and kindhearted--well suited for his role in communicating people's stories which help enrich the lives of all listeners/viewers."


Audrey Herrick


Dr. Sandra Dager



Thank you!  


Doug made everything so easy.  It was quite an experience.  It was also far easier than I imagined to have a conversation about my work, thanks to Doug’s easy manner, CUTV’s prep team, and writers.


Thank you for everything you have done to help me, answer questions, and make this happen.


Warm regards,



Christine Rose

With help from my launch team the book went from #854 to #37 in our category, reaching #1 new release. Exhausting day!

Happy to have made the video with Jim.

Elizabeth Whitmer

Anne: I was thrilled with the exposure. You, Doug and your ENTIRE STAFF are FANTASTIC! I certainly will be in touch.

Best regards to all!


Dr. Victoria Mondloch

"I have the honor to work with Jim through his amazing hosting of CUTV News Radio. Jim is a masterful host who intuitively knows how to guide the story, pick up on the subtle direction that a story is going and to help guide it in the direction that all who are listening can easily follow along and understand. Jim puts his talk show guest at ease with his conversational style of interviewing and is always a pleasure to work with. He is witty, charming and always engaging; a true professional and a master at his art; I always look forward to working with him."

Dr. Victoria J. Mondloch
Wellness MD and author
Blossoming, Becoming A Woman and Full Bloom: Perimenopause, Menopause and Beyond

Catherine Gruener

Thanks Jim for a wonderful interview and the pre and post call.  You absolutely create a supportive environment and make your guests look good.  Very much appreciate your expertise, time and support.


Looking forward to August,


Patty Maples

Thank you! I so enjoyed the opportunity. 

Jim is a consummate interviewer!




Patty Maples
Your Transition Coach for Career & Life

Anne Upshaw

Dear Beatrice,

I want to thank all of you for my radio show.  The hours you took, Beatrice, to make this work, was important groundwork for a successful show and your ability to allow me to feel at ease is a wonderful gift that you have.

As a team, all of you made it a wonderful experience and I think it came out just fine. I wish all of you the greatest successes and fruitful lives. You do amazing work for others who need to get out their messages. I will definitely recommend your broadcasting and radio show to others.


Thank you and the Best,

Annie 🌹

Jeff Foley

Dear Lou (and Team),

I am grateful to all who helped recruit, schedule, prepare and conduct my radio interview today with Jim.  I was kept well informed, provided all the details on what would happen when. I very much enjoyed my time with Jim - a true professional - and enjoyed our 30 minute discussion on what I do and have to offer others.


Many thanks to all.  CUTV is a professional run organization - that is abundantly clear from my experience so far!!


I have a book coming out in the coming months.  Jim shared with me additional opportunities that may be of interest to me that I will explore in the coming months as well.  Ann and I are looking at a second radio interview once I get closer to the book publishing as that would be the focus on that engagement. My first objective is to get this next book to the printing press!!


I will be anxious to see metrics on who listened to the interview, who read the press release, who hit the link to my web site from the CUTV broadcast, and any other feedback on how this interview may have been exposed to others.


I loaded it up on my web site minutes ago - so I am cookin right now!


Again, my thanks to all.



JEFF FOLEY |  President | Loral Mountain Solutions, LLC

Brigadier General, US Army (Retired)

(m) 706.414.9373


Gloria D. Manchester

I’m sending this to say thank you to Doug, he took me down a different road but I felt prepared nonetheless. I haven’t heard myself yet but I will wait a few minutes and listen. Thanks, Doug, Barry and all of you.

Lerae Gidyk

Hello Lou,

Thank you for the opportunity to be interviewed by Jim Masters again this morning.


I am delighted with the experience and his interview. I felt like I could connect with him this time. We had a bit more time prior to the show to build rapport and that made a huge difference to me.


Create a great day,


Eve Wilson

Dear Jim,
I just have to tell you that people who listened to our interviews really enjoyed your style. They found it smooth and pleasant, friendly and entertaining. It was a pleasure for me as well. 

Blessings and Love,
Eve Wilson

Healer, Teacher, Author, Award Winning Blogger, Director HDP

Paul J. Pearce, PhD

It is an honor for me to recommend the outstanding work of Jim Masters. As Nova Biologicals, Inc. continues to expand its presence in the testing laboratory marketplace Jim is bringing an incredibly high level of insight and energy to our business development activities. He is consistently working with us to deliver a comprehensive, yet user-friendly, message of technical excellence, regulatory compliance and customer service. I am especially impressed by Jim's ability to interview people by engaging them in meaningful conversations about highly technical subjects. As Jim continues to significantly contribute to Nova's growth I am looking forward to working with him to broadcast Nova's message of "Complex Science / Simple Solutions" to many new audiences.


Paul J. Pearce, PhD,

Nova Biologicals, Inc.  

Stacey Quade

Jim's facilitation of my interview was supportive, kind, and genuine. He was able to create a smooth seamless flow with the conversation, questions and responses. It was a pleasure to talk with him!

Stacey Quade

Certified Healing Touch Practitioner/Instructor,

Herbalist at Energy for Life Connection

Martha Delafield

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jim about the work that I do in my unusual energy psychotherapy practice. He conveyed sincere interest in what I was doing, and was very adept at drawing me out to talk about it. He spent time before the interview getting to know me a bit and making sure I felt comfortable -- the interview itself felt more like a fun conversation with a good friend. I look forward to working with him again!  


Martha (Gillis) Delafield, LCSW 

Melissa Porterfield

I had the pleasure of interviewing with Jim twice- once on CUTV Radio & the other on CUTV News. Having never been interviewed in either format, Jim put me at ease immediately and both were very positive experiences. 

In addition to his high level of professionalism, Jim is warm and easy to talk to. You can tell immediately that he is a seasoned journalist with a heart. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.  


Melissa Porterfield MEd, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

1st degree connection

Culture Strategist, Founder and CEO Silk Mountain Solutions 

Carol Stormer

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jim Masters on CUTV. He was very easy to talk with and knowledgeable of the subject of Occupational Therapy. Professional colleagues and friends complimented him on his interviewing skills. Enjoyable experience!  


Carol Stormer, OTR, NBCOT 

1st degree connection

Occupational Therapist at Jackson Therapy Partners

Srikumar Rao, PH.D

Jim interviewed me for three segments on CUTV News. He was very laid back and put me at ease immediately. He was also thorough in his preparation beforehand and carried on an easy conversation that covered all the main points of my work.


Srikumar Rao, PH.D

The Happiness Guru

Founder, The Rao Institute  

Janet Nestor

I interviewed with Jim twice during September 2018. Interviews can be challenging at times, but Jim made our conversation natural and easy. I was able to talk about my work and my new co-written book Revolutionize Your Health. The conversation was professional, yet relaxed and pleasant for all concerned - including our listeners.  


Janet (Gallagher) Nestor, MA, LPC, DCEP 

Owner and CEO at Center of Well-Being

Dr. Val Kendall 

I have done three on-air interviews with Jim Masters and found him to be a well-experienced, excellent host and interviewer. He is more than competent. He is charming, sensitive, adaptable,and elegant, and his education, knowledge, and languaging are impressive. He puts one at ease prior to the show, he can pickup at any place, where the interviewee may pause, even when that interviewee forgets what the question was, and with his fantastic memory and listening skills, he can recall and dovetail into the next section smoothly and effortlessly. Jim has a cultured voice, pleasant to which to listen. After the show is over, he calls to relay his confidence in what just occurred and bolster the interviewee's confidence also, letting one know that one is still of interest regardless of whether or not more business may ensue. My sense is he is a kind man and I have no hesitation in recommending Jim in his engaging occupation, and that's what Jim is, engaging. 


Dr. Val Kendall 


Certified Play Therapist  

Cindy Lybbert

THANK YOU for having me on the show.  I was a wee bit nervous, but I am grateful for your generosity, for everyone's help, Mr. Master was very kind and did a wonderful job and helped me feel comfortable before the show, everything was very professional,  I am very happy and grateful for helping me get see, heard, and out there.


Please give my regards to everyone.


Hugs & Blessings,

Cindy Lybbert

Eve Wilson

Dear Jim and CUTV Statf,

Thank you for the nice experience with my two shows!  I appreciate all of your contributions and especially nice working with Jim.

Blessings and love,

Eve Wilson

Madelyn Blair


Just finished a great time talking about my book. Doug made it so easy!


Java Collins 


"I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Jim Masters this past Thursday....
Jim, thank you so much! You were right! You made me feel very comfortable, like family sitting around talking and sharing..and I greatly appreciate the phone call afterwards and your words of encouragement! The feedback that I got was amazing!!  Again thank you so much!!!"


Java Collins, DPC, MHR

Life Coach, Speaker, Educator

Vicki Ellis

Working with Doug Llewelyn, Beatrice, Bob, Lou, Evelyn and Frank at CUTV News Radio to promote my book Chronic Pain Control: Altering Reality in August 2018 was a Joy. These are very sincere, caring and kind people and they are making a huge difference in the world. Their purpose is to enhance the success of those who want to help others.  Questions and concerns were addressed right away with patience and professionalism, always sprinkled with a healthy dose of (we're in this) togetherness.

Beatrice helps clients write their press release. She obviously cares deeply that her guidance and direction help clients present the best about what they have to offer. Time wasn’t an overriding pressure or negative distraction, because our goals mattered most. It was a wonderful and rewarding experience.

It was an honor to be interviewed by Doug. He was wonderful to work with. He was fun and relaxed, so I felt more at ease. I don’t know if he realizes it, but our visit was inspiring for me. He sparked in me the courage to take the next major step that is necessary for me to effectively get the word about Chronic Pain Control. Thank you, Doug.


Doug Llewelyn, Beatrice, Bob, Lou, Evelyn and Frank all radiated warmth and friendship as they welcomed me into their extended CUTV News family.  It was such a privilege to meet and work with these wonderful people. I repeat ‘wonderful’ because it really was such a great experience. My life is made better just from getting to know them. Thank you!


Vicki Ellis, MS

Creating Balance Institute

CB Intrinsic Pain Control Techniques

Neuroscientist, Author

Dr. Valerie Kendall

"Thanks Jim for a great lead for the interview just now. You enabled me to be free and myself. I really appreciate you.




Dr, Valerie Kendall, Psychologist 

MA, PhD, Registered Therapist

Calgary, Alberta, Canada  

Christine Rose

"Jim Masters is the consummate media professional. I had the honor of being interviewed by Jim, in both live radio, and video for CUTV News. In pre-recording conferences Jim prepared me, and during the interviews Jim made me comfortable, and facilitated excellent results. If you ever get a chance to work with Jim, take it!" 


Christine Rose, ACC

Business & Executive Coach for Women, ICF Certified,

Taylor Protocols CVI(TM) Certified Coach

Dana Heartman

"Jim Masters is the real deal! I've had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jim both on radio as well as live for a company marketing video. I am thrilled to recommend him at the highest level! I was awed by his professionalism, insight and outright charm! Not only is his on air presence impeccable but his talent behind the camera was invaluable to our project. Jim produced our video, interacted with my staff giving them the needed tips for filming and worked tirelessly with our cameraman to ensure every shot was flawless. Whether he's in the studio or on location, his talent is obvious and only comes with experience. Jim put my entire team at ease when on location for our company shoot and he made our production one we are proud of and can use for years to come! "   



Dana Heartman, CMCP

1st degree connection

Executive Director, Master Life Coach and Public Speaker

Lisa Zarcone

"Jim and I did a two part interview series about my book The Unspoken Truth A Memoir and the Journey that I have been on through healing and my advocacy work. Jim had a wonderful sensitivity about himself as we took a walk back in time. He was extremely caring and professional all wrapped up in one. There was some strong subject matter attached to my story, and Jim was respectful/compassionate as we dug into my past. I would highly recommend Jim for a strong interview as he carries a great confidence level when he speaks, and really listens to what others are saying. I enjoyed our time together and would gladly interview with him again. Our interview together drew an abundance of positive attention to my story." 



Lisa Zarcone Author/Advocate/Public Speaker  

Paula Vail

"Being interviewed by Jim Masters was an honor. His professionalism, experience, and character is outstanding. I highly recommend him. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give him an absolute 10. He's the best." 


Thank you,

Paula Vail, Master Teacher Usui, Karuna, & Holy Fire Reiki -Wellness Inspired - Tacoma, WA. 

Brenda Hutcheson Fickey

Dear Lou,


I know this is way later than I wanted it to be. After my interviews, I was extremely busy; and when I had down time, I totally spaced this request from you. Here is my testimonial for the interviews with Jim Masters in November 2017.



I truly enjoyed speaking with Jim about my books and my being the Reluctant Readers Friend. I felt like we were old friends getting together to catch up. It was a pleasure to have those two 30-minute sessions with him. After the interviews, all printed copies of my books were sold out and ebook sales are climbing. Thank you so much. In addition, I was contacted by another radio news service (who heard the interviews) about addressing a huge audience with my own radio show to help parents, grandparents, educators, and friends with their reluctant readers because of my experience as a reluctant reader, which was revealed during the interviews with Jim. The show will launch later this year. I am so excited to have this opportunity to make my platform public to help as many people as I can. That is all because of your interest in my writing career and addressing reluctant readers. Thanks for the push in the right direction.


I hope this is what you are needing. Thanks, Lou.




Brenda Hutcheson Fickey

The Reluctant Readers Friend and Author

Dan Andreae

Hi Jim, just wanted to say many thanks for a terrific time over the last two days beginning with our wonderful dinner and then today’s superb interview. Things all around could not have gone better.

Leona and I went for a drive afterwards and decided to have a late lunch at an outdoor barbecue place that specializes in seafood. It was yummy and then eventually back to the hotel where we will stay but crash out early after a great day.


Thanks again for a special experience.


Warm Regards



Sally Gallot Reeves


Thank you all for a great interview!

All the best,


Bernard Upshur

Hello Frank,


I truly enjoyed the presentation. Doug is a true professional that I enjoyed working with.


Best regards


Dr. Ilona L. Tobin



Thank you for doing such an excellent job of encapsulating my message

and ideas from my book LOVE'S 4 Magnetic Forces Creating a Strong,

Healthy Relationship in the press release.

Dr. Ilona L. Tobin


Licensed Psychologist

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Douglas D. Piirto

Hello Lou--

Please extend my appreciation to all involved in today's CUTV

program.  I enjoyed doing the interview with Doug Llewelyn.  He does a

good job of moving the interview along.  I hope that the show today met

CUTV expectations.  Please thank Doug L. Barry and all involved. 


Best Regards

Dr. Doug

Lisa Zarcone

Thanks Lou,


I spoke with Jeri she was great!!!  So excited to do the show, and again

quite grateful.


We will be doing a great thing here spreading the word, raising awareness

to these strong subjects that need to be talked about. 


Have a great day!


Darryl Wright Owner of Deanna Adelle, Inc.

Morning Lou!


It’s Darryl Ann Wright and I just want to thank you for the opportunity to be on your show l! It was so well run that I also want to extend my help in any way whether it’s writing, speaking or networking for you guys. If that’s an area where that might work please tell me!

Thank you so much, Frank! I’m looking forward to speaking with Doug tomorrow and I want to thank you all for this experience! You’ve been terrific, from Beatrice to Lou and Anne, I just can’t thank you enough for your professionalism and personal attention! I’ll pass that on to all who ask me about it.




H. Frances Reaves Founder of Parent to Parent



Wow - I love the videos!   You are terrific and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you making me look good and sound intelligent!  I know I was a little impatient and appreciate you putting up with it.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Roxanne Bland Author and Publisher 

Hi, Jim!

What a great show! I think it's one of our best, if not the best. 
I just wanted to continue--that's what I like about doing shows with you, it feels more like a conversation than an interview. 
So much fun!

Next week I know I'll be talking to Doug, so catch you the week after!



Loretta Herrington Director, AUI Program at World Institute on Disability

These videos are fabulous Lou.  Frank is worth every dollar he’s paid – a pro!

Let me know what the next steps are now that the videos are up.  Today I approved Beatrice’s article she beautifully wrote.  I very much enjoyed working with her.  You have an exceptional team.

Many thanks, Loretta

Loretta Herrington Director, AUI Program at World Institute on Disability


I began working with Jim in the Summer of 2017 and we continue to work together. From the start, I knew I found a pro - Jim is a television and radio personality who does whatever it takes to conduct his interviews with sensitivity and genuine interest...a rarity today with instant communications and social media. 

Jim has a gift that gives him the ability to bring out the very best in his interviews and from the person he is interviewing. I should know, as someone who has written her first book, I was relatively new to the world of how to promote my book. Thanks to Jim, I am more confident and prepared to expand my horizons. I know that 2018 will be a remarkable year for me!

Lorlett Hudson Executive Leadership Coach

Awesome interview with Jim Masters yesterday. He is a keen listener who connect with his clients. We danced in the conversation with each other with freedom and ease and time just went by. It was a great experience sharing with Jim who is a great communicator. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who his seeking an authentic host or interviewer. 

Robin Meyers 

Thanks Lou for this.

I really enjoyed speaking with Doug. 

Thank you for the opportunity.

Happy Holidays,

Robin Meyers

Kimberly Berg


Thanks fpr providing the link. I'll include it in my Christmas cards, facebook page.

and,  also, website when it returns to the internet. I like working for you. Masters is a

very congenial host, I enjoyed his measured and studied manner.


I'm glad that I can contribute something towards the support of feminist goals. My goal

is to provide a deeper understanding of women's past contribution to a peaceful, working society. 

We have made important technological advances but we have yet to create a peaceful; society

that lasts for thousands of years like the  Paleolithic/Neolithic Goddess societies of

our ancestral sisters.


Dr. Madelyn Blair

Thank you, Lou. 


FYI - today’s show was awesome. Doug is masterful.

Stacy A. Padula​

Hi Jim! It was so great speaking with you today - you are so easy to talk to! I really enjoyed our conversation. Thank you again for having me as your guest. Please let me know if there’s anything else you need from me.

Lorlett Hudson

Hi Barry

Trust you are doing great. Thank you for your draft of the press release. You have definitely capture the essence of what i do from our conversation. I have changed the phone number from the one on the website. The website is under construction presently and will reflect the new number by the 1st of January. i am happy with what you produce. 
Thank you.

H. Frances Reaves

Besides being the hardest working broadcaster I’ve ever seen, Jim is also a true professional. He cares about his interviews, reads up on the person and makes them feel totally relaxed. Whether you work with Jim or are lucky enough to be interviewed by him, you are the lucky one!

Dr. Norm Shealy

Jim Masters is a master at interviewing. if you have a chance to be interviewed by him, it will be the best you have had.

Brenda Fickey

Thanks, Lou! It was a lot of fun, and it was wonderful working with you, Barry, and Jim on this!



Dr. Madelyn Blair

Jim, what a pleasure working with you. Your invitation to stay in touch will be honored for sure. I know that questions will arise where I will value your insights. And I am always open to you for ideas, comment, support, or whatever. I treasure our relationship very much. I want also to say again my reaction to your interviewing. I really felt safe to let you ask as you wished, knowing that you would work to achieve the objectives I wanted to accomplish. I have friends where I feel this way, because I have known them for years. For someone like you, someone I met so briefly before the shoot, that's rare as you know. 

Sincerely, Madelyn




I was very excited to hear i would be interviewed by Jim!

I have heard of him, seen him on a show now and then but he has this very

calming voice..good for new -be's like me!!!


he knew how to lead me to another subject without me even realizing it..

not like he was cutting me off...he was wonderful!!!!!


this whole experience has been an unbelievable experience...God

does have things planned for us that we cannot dream of, because i could never

have dreamt of this!


thank your staff for their help

my website should be up by tomorrow.

hardcopy book will be ready tomorrow

kindle is ready now

i am going to send a signed copy of the book to your attention

to give to Jim.


maybe sometime I will be on a video with him.  I have to wait and see how

my book sells so i can afford it!!!


Its a good story. I always knew it.  And you gave me a great opportunity

to give the public a view of the drama and the dreams.


have a great day



"Wow! It was such a pleasure speaking with Jim Masters on and off the air. I️ have had the opportunity to be interviewed by several individuals but have to say being interviewed by Jim Masters was one of my favorite. Why, because he asked questions that allowed the interview to flow naturally and we were able to speak about a variety of topics. I️ look forward to doing a television segment with Jim in the near future."  


 ... we appreciate the professionalism and courtesy extended by Andrew and yourself. 


Close Up TV News created a wonderful segment for my Interior Design Business. 
... exceeded my expectations and provided me me with an exceptional merketing tool. 


We are so excited to get started, 
...all the agents are excited and have already began getting positive feedback.



Close-Up TV News created a very wonderful segment for Forest Hills Financial Group. 
the cd's are a huge marketing hit, ... it was a pleasure to work with you. 


... we appreciate all you hve done for us, 
especially the time and effort it took you to create such a wonderful advertisement for our office. 


Thank you, Close Up TV News... It will be a great marketing opportunity. 


.We recently added the video to our website and have received numberous compliments about how professional it is. 
... The whole process went smoothly without exception and all deadlines were met. 


... we received our CD's and we could not be more pleased with the process and outcome
Our finished segment is terrific and we love the way you captured the caring and competency of Huntington Hills! 


I could no be more pleased with my production 
and because of this invaluable marketing tool I have seen my business increase by 20%! 


The final script and edited film did an excellent job of conveying our message 
...along with concern for the personal needs and investment objectives of our clients. 


Your professional expertise, exceptional dedication and sensitivity to this crucial issue 
are very much appreciated by our staff, clients and expecailly me!!! 



It was a pleasure to meet with you and the team at the station. Both Roxane and I had a wonderful time and I cannot wait to see the presentation. I do hope we meet again as you’re a wonderful person and very fun to be around.



Thank you Jim, you are the ultimate professional and it was great getting to know you better. Thank you for making the interview go so smoothly....I am trying to remember what I said, but it is a blur! I find myself saying "oh I should have said this or that" but I am sure it will be great when finished in production. My husband certainly enjoyed to entire experience too! We Loved entire trip and had so much fun exploring your area of Connecticut! Thank you again to Rena and Rob too!

CLAUDIA HARVEY, CEO, author, speaker, entrepreneur

I had the recent honor to be interviewed on the radio and in person by Jim Masters. Jim was a professional in every way and took time to get to know me first before the interview began. This allowed for an easy rapport and the interview felt like a friend talking to a friend. Jim's preparation and his depth of research prior to meeting me ensured an amazing, thorough interview which I'm sure will resonate with the audience. It was a pleasure to work with Jim!"


Are you nervous, wanting to get your voice out but.... Jim Masters takes all the BUTS away. How ? He talks with you, asking insightful questions in such an intimate open way before you know it he has captured you as you shine- you at your very best for the world to hear and see. There is no better guide by your side than Jim Masters" - Dr. Sydney Scott and The Alchemist Professors.


I have had the pleasure of working with Jim on both a video interview and a series of radio interviews through CUTV News. Jim is an excellent host; making you feel comfortable and at ease, creating questions and dialogue that facilitate the conveyance of the material to the listeners – which is great. He has a natural curiosity and generally wants to understand what you do and how the listeners can benefit. I highly recommend working with Jim if you have the opportunity".


Hi Louis: 

happy weekend! I would like to thank Barry for calling me yesterday and talking to me about my background. He was very professional and supportive while conducting the interview. I look forward to the background write up and to continue the journey further. 

thank you again for this opportunity and kind regards,
~ Ewa 


Thank you so much, Louis!
I really appreciate the fast response.
Yes, I'm doing well. My practice is starting to expand. I may reach out to you for another interview at some point in the future. Just not ready yet.
I hope all is well with you and all the CUTV staff. You guys are great!

Best regards,



Working with Doug and Jim was such a pleasure. Both are very professional and easily put me at ease. I especially connected well with Jim. He just seemed like an old friend. I look forward to listening to many of their future shows and will be recommending their shows to my contacts as well.

Thanks so very much, 


Thoroughly enjoyed my conversations with Jim, and with Doug Llewelyn last week. An all-around positive experience.

Thanks again. 



Thanks Lou.

I enjoyed my time with Jim and appreciate having the opportunity to be part of your group. Thanks so much.

Kind regards, 


Thanks Louis,
I have been posting it and getting great feedback!


Dear Lou, 
Greetings from New York! 
Thank you! 
I loved working with Jim! 
Life is good. 

I want to thank you for the terrific experience I had with CUTV. I just completed the 2nd conversation which was with Jim Masters, who I can’t speak highly enough. Jim has an authentic and warm style which made the conversation flow beautifully! You can tell he is really interested in his speaker and thoughtful as he speaks. Really enjoyed working with him.

I have one request - I see I do not have a picture next to my archived interviews. I would like to have one there- so I have attached one to this email. if you could see that it gets up there -I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you again very much for everything - was a lot of fun! Happy holidays!

Jamie "I just had a great interview with Jim Masters today on CUTV News Radio - thank you Jim for everything- it was an awesome experience - so much fun!"


Hello Lou,

I want to thank you for the terrific experience I had with CUTV. I just completed the 2nd conversation which was with Jim Masters, who I can’t speak highly enough. Jim has an authentic and warm style which made the conversation flow beautifully! You can tell he is really interested in his speaker and thoughtful as he speaks. Really enjoyed working with him.

I have one request - I see I do not have a picture next to my archived interviews. I would like to have one there- so I have attached one to this email. if you could see that it gets up there -I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you again very much for everything - was a lot of fun! Happy holidays!

Jamie Levinson
Executive Coach - Jamie Levinson Consulting



 Good Morning Lou,
Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed being interviewed by Jim Masters yesterday. I found him to be so amicable, pleasant and a joy to interact with! 

As for my own personal experience, Jim truly created a comfortable milieu and set at ease all concerns related to the delivery of my preparations! In fact, Jim was so very gracious and accommodating to the entire experience that I am truly grateful that he was radio host yesterday and will again be on December 15th.

When will yesterday's radio show be achieved? I looked for it on the CUTV News site earlier this morning and did not find it. Is it your procedure to post only after the two interviews have been completed?

Thanks for your time!
Have a wonderful day and a good weekend!
Sophia Samuels


Dear Lou,

RE: Katherine Trinity – Spiritual Alchemist, Energy Healer and Teacher
November 4th CUTV News Talk Radio Interview with Jim Masters

I am writing this letter to highly compliment Jim Masters. 
He truly is a ‘Master’ interviewer and well seasoned in his craft.
I found his style of interviewing very engaging with the ease and comfort of having a conversation with an old soul friend.

I liked that he didn’t just ask basic scripted questions, but that he wove the questions into the interviewing conversation, which enabled me to communicate the information that was most important to share. Although I know he is a pro... and he has a similar style with the many people he has interviewed, I felt a genuine sincerity and interest of engagement from his part.

I also enjoyed our post interview conversation and am very much in alignment with his humanitarian causes and interests! I am grateful to have had the opportunity to connect with Jim.


Dear Lou,

THANK YOU so much for the opportunity to have been interviewed by Jim Masters on CUTV News today. It was the most enjoyable and, I believe, successful interview I’ve ever had—and I’ve had a few. He made me feel so relaxed talking about my book (Laugh Your Way to Real Estate Sales Success) and life experiences and brought out information that I really wanted to share.

He obviously cares about showcasing his subjects in the best light and even took the time to call me afterward to chat and let me know that we did great—a lovely courtesy, since most interviewees would wonder (and worry) about how they performed.

I will definitely be back for more Jim Masters interview when I complete my next book. If I were to rate Jim’s interview skills, I’d give him a 20 out of 10!



  "I had an opportunity to be interviewed by Jim Masters on CUTV News Radio. What an awesome experience. Jim took the time to connect with me before we went live on the air. . By the time we went live on the air, I felt like I was talking to a life long friend, which allowed me to just be myself minus the nerves. Thank You Jim...such a pleasure working with YOU!"

-Cathy Mott, PCC, ISEI


Sent: Tuesday, December 22, 2015 9:54 AM
Subject: Holiday Thank you!


  Dear Lou and Barry,

You both played a significant role in my life this past year! Thank you for all your patience, encouragement and time spent devoted to me and my goal to speak to a larger audience. 

I look forward to watching my life expand into my soul's mission to teach others what I have learned and experienced in my life. Thank you for being such an essential part of it!

Christmas blessings to you both!

Hello Louis,
Thank you very much for having me on the show, for your follow-up call and all the links you sent me.
I appreciate being on the show very much and hope I can so again soon.
Best wishes and Regards,
- Esther


Thanks so much, Doug for your guidance and energy during our interview! It was such an honor and pleasant experience being on CUTVNEWS radio with you!



I cannot tell you how much fun it it to finally get to tell the public how great Civil Mediation is, how good it is for the general public, how much it could help them, and how easily accessible it is to them. After trying to do this on my own for about 20+ years, after just 1/2 hour on this great show I reached more people than I ever have. I can't wait for my next 2 shows, the next one tomorrow Friday, 9May2014 at 3 EST. Thanks for everything!! Always, Linda Liljedahl 

P.S. Also Thanks Twice to Doug for his great questions, guidance and mentoring. I don't think you can have a bad interview when he's the one leading. I'm looking forward to more talks in the future, too.



Thank you Jim for having me on Close-Up Talk Radio and for a fantastic interview! It was awesome! Looking forward to the rest of the interviews this August.



 Thanks so much to Doug for having me on the show yesterday and for a great interview! It was so much fun! Looking forward to my shows in June with Jim!



CUTVNEWS is wonderful! Thanks for letting people share information to help each other.


Hi there - 
Nice thank you from Kathryn Kemp regarding our interviews. Passing along in case you want to use for positive publicity, etc.


Hi Jim, 

After doing 100's of radio interviews, I can confidently say that your interviews have been some of the best I have ever done! 
Your style and depth of questions are amazingly good, clearly a reflection of who you are.Thank you for the rich conversation and your soulful presence in my life today. 

I am so grateful for your authenticity and TRUTH and your desire and passion to seek. 

You are an inspiration for me and for the men of our world. 

I love interviewing with you and look forward to the next two sessions, but even more than that to a continued authentic connection. 


Rose Kumar


Thank you!!!!     Jim is fantastic!!!!

You and your whole team have been incredible. Thank you.


Hi Jim,
Thank you for being such a great host for the recent radio/computer interviews. My co-author/illustrator, Carolyn Royer Spencer, and I enjoyed talking with you about our anti-bullying children\'s book series. Thank you for being such an ardent anti-bullying advocate!


I would like to compliment Elizabeth Adams for her help and advice on how to promote our anti- bullying children\'s book series. Bravo, Elizabeth!


Thank you for all the things you scheduled to help promote our anti-bullying series and website- Your hard work is truly appreciated!


Hi Jim

I would just like to let you know that I am very pleased with our progress so far!
I have really enjoyed working with you and having your help to elucidate the underlying ideas and understandings that I work with as a counselor.

Mary Ellen.


Thank you Lou,

We are so grateful for your spotlight on our ministry.
Dr. Marina

Every generation is looking to be served by the leaders that carry the movement of the word.


Dear Lou,

Thank you so much for the Audio file, I posted it on facebook and Linkedin. I would like to thank you and Elizabeth Adams for this opportunity. I also like to thank Doug Llewelyn for his great presentation on the air. He has an amazing way to conduct a smooth conversation and make me comfortable to reply and put me at ease on the air. I enjoy talking with him.


Dear Lou,

Wanted to let you know that I just had a great conversation with Kevin. We talked about our common value of integrity. He shared ways I can have these sites really work, save money on these sites and not be taken advantage of again. I truly appreciate that! Thanks!!!


Have enjoyed my three interviews with you. Thanks for making it easy.

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