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Professional Coaches & Speakers

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

Rancho Santa Fe, CA – Dr. Goldsmith is an authority on helping successful leaders achieve positive, lasting change in behavior for themselves, their people and their teams. Dr. Goldsmith says the best leaders want to work on being a role model.

Professional Coaches & Speakers

Business Coach Christine Rose

Seattle, WA - Through her book, Life Beyond #MeToo, and her strategic coaching, Christine hopes to empower as many people as she can to get out of default mode and design their best future.

Christine Rose.png

Professional Coaches & Speakers

Resilence Expert
Dr. Madelyn Blair

Jefferson, MD - Dr. Blair is recognized for her focus on resilience. She shares advice and tools with top businesses to help them become more resilient as an organization, as well as develop resilience in employees at every level.


Professional Coaches & Speakers

Janet Harvey of inviteCHANGE

Freeland, WA -- Janet Harvey is the founder and President of InviteCHANGE, a practice that guides us all on how to make a conscious decision to change, to live more coachlike every day, and to achieve a new level of wholeness.

Janet M. Harvey.png

Professional Coaches & Speakers

Gary Cohen of GAC Global Partners

Jupiter, FL – Gary Cohen is a certified executive and leadership coach and the founder of GAC Global Partners, where he specializes in unlocking the potential in leaders.

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Professional Coaches & Speakers

Drs. Simon & Trish Presland of Aim Higher

Clinton Township, MI – Drs. Simon and Trish Presland are the founders of Aim Higher Professional Life Coach Certification, an ICF-accredited, Christian-based life coach certification company that combines sound Christian faith, strong coaching competencies and solid business practices.

Simon & Trish Presland.png

Professional Coaches & Speakers

Bret Lampman & John Welsh of Choku-Rei

Modesto, CA – Bret Lampman and John Welsh are the co-founders of Choku-Rei Wellness & Coaching.

Choku-Rei Wellness & Coaching offers a holistic way to improve your health, taking into account your body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Bret Lampman & John Welsh.webp

Professional Coaches & Speakers

Jean Francois Morin of xpand

Quebec City, Quebec – xpand is an international consulting, coaching and training consortium that specializes in helping organizations and their people find their calling and reach their full potential. Jean Francois Morin leads xpand Canada.

Jean François Morin.jpeg

Professional Coaches & Speakers

Keisha Robinson of
A Touch of Key LLC

Philadelphia, PA – A Touch of Key is a nonprofit community outreach organization dedicated to empowering the people who need it most. Her ultimate goal is feed as many mouths as I can feed and to touch as many hearts as she can.

Keisha Robinson.jpeg

Professional Coaches & Speakers

Heather Crimmins

Batavia, IL – Divorce is one of the most emotionally difficult life events a person can go through. This is why many people are turning to Certified Divorce Coaches (CDC) like Heather Crimmins.

Heather Crimmins.jpeg
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