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Professional Coaches & Speakers

Thomas “T-Bone” McGowian of New Imprint

Folsom, CA – Thomas “T-Bone” McGowian was simply crossing the street when he was struck by a pick-up truck and sent flying 35 feet through the air. Today, McGowian is the founder of New Imprint Coaching.

Thomas “T-Bone” McGowian.jpeg

Professional Coaches & Speakers

Lee Atherton of CoachRev @the CrossRoads

Marlborough, MA – Lee Atherton is an ordained clergyperson and highly sought after End-of-Life and Grief Coach offering hope, healing, and support for those who are dying and grieving.

Lee Atherton.jpeg

Professional Coaches & Speakers

Gay Life Coach Giselle Wallace

Arlington, TX – Giselle Wallace is a certified life coach and author who specializes in helping individuals in the LGBTQ community to lead an authentic life.

Giselle Wallace.jpeg

Professional Coaches & Speakers

Lawrence Henderson of Boss Consulting LLC

Douglasville, GA – Lawrence is the founder of BOSS Consulting, an organizational leadership development firm specializing in culture coaching, training, speaking and facilitation.


Professional Coaches & Speakers

Monique Pelland of Espace IMAGINE

Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC – Monique Pelland is a top-notch Coach dedicated to Leadership development for either individuals or teams to maximize wellbeing and performance

Monique Pelland.jpeg

Professional Coaches & Speakers

Darci Lang

Regina, SK – Darci Lang has been a motivational speaker since she was 24 years old. Darci has had a 100% referral-based motivational speaking business for 28 years.

Darci Lang.jpeg

Professional Coaches & Speakers

Jill Linkoff

Pikesville, MD – Jill Linkoff Coaching is dedicated to working with adults, college students and parents with ADHD and executive function challenges, teacheing tools and strategies to create measurable goals.

Jill Linkoff.jpeg

Professional Coaches & Speakers

Dahlia Maman of Parent Coach Me

San Diego, CA –  Dahlia Maman is the founder of Parent Coach Me where she works with parents to engage their children with intention and purpose.

Dahlia Maman.jpeg

Professional Coaches & Speakers

Anne Reid

Bedford, NY – With a strong mix of honesty, encouragement and accountability, Anne focuses on her clients’ top priorities and helps create effective strategies to get them there.

Anne Reid.jpeg

Professional Coaches & Speakers

Collaborative Divorce Expert Dr. Joyce Fine

Denver, CO – As a licensed Clinical Psychologist, trained Divorce Mediator, Certified Divorce Coach, and Collaborative Divorce Facilitator, Dr. Joyce Fine works with couples to facilitate the healthiest divorce possible for them and their families. 

Dr. Joyce Fine.jpeg

Professional Coaches & Speakers

Denette Suddeth

Las Vegas, NV – Denette works with clients who are overwhelmed. They are responsible for more work than one person can accomplish; and they are typically navigating change, which can also be difficult.

Denette Suddeth.jpeg

Professional Coaches & Speakers

Paige Dest of BYODestiny

Colchester, CT – Paige Dest is an emotional intelligence coach and the founder of BYODestiny, where she empowers individuals to understand and manage their emotions in order to make smarter life and work choices.

Paige Dest.jpeg
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