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Empowering Professionals

Expert Witness Dr. Robert Copeland, PhD

Washington, DC - Dr. Robert Copeland PhD chairs the Department of Pharmacology at Howard University’s College of Medicine.

Empowering Professionals

Forensic Engineer and Expert Witness Marcor Platt

South Jordan, UT – Marcor Platt  provides expert testimony regarding many of the facets involved in creating and maintaining our built environment and the construction industry.

Empowering Professionals

Educational Leadership Coach Jordan Tinney

New York, NY -Today, in addition to his role as superintendent, Tinney is an educational leadership coach who supports individuals in private industry and people at the district level in senior leadership, like teachers, principals, educational nonprofits.

Empowering Professionals

Patrick Siewert of Pro Digital Forensic Consulting

Richmond, VA - Patrick Siewert is the founder of Pro Digital Forensic Consulting, a one-stop shop for electronic evidence collection, analysis and expert witness testimony in support of litigation and investigations at the governmental, corporate and private levels.

Empowering Professionals

Gerod King & Associates LLC

Charlotte, NC – Today, Gerod is an executive coach, trainer and speaker. He founded Gerod King & Associates LLC (GKA), because he wanted to continue helping others be better leaders and professionals.

Empowering Professionals

Architecture Expert Witness Fred Lott

Westport, CT – Fred Lott is an architect and construction manager. He serves in different capacities as an expert witness, as a criminal witness, a defendant with a federal agency, and as a plaintiff on behalf of federal agencies.

Empowering Professionals

Frederick Fisher of Fisher Consulting Group

El Segundo, CA – Frederick Fisher is a professional liability specialist, risk management consultant and the founder of Fisher Consulting Group,

Empowering Professionals

Andrea Todaro of Innovative Placements

Buffalo, NY – Andrea founded Innovative Placements, a company that places people with a wide range of qualifying conditions in fulfilling employment.

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