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FORWARD:Jim Masters

Thank you for listening and for being a fan of our popular broadcast series, CUTVNEWS Radio!

  • Desantis, Keifer, Shall & Sarcone, LLP

    ... we apprciate the professionalism and courtesy extended by Andrew and yourself.

  • Natalie Weinstein Design Assoc.

    Close Up TV News created a wonderful segment for my Interior Design Business.
    ... exceeded my expectations and provided me me with an exceptional merketing tool.

  • Exit First Choice Realty

    We are so excited to get started,
    ...all the agents are excited and have already began getting positive feedback.

  • Forest Hills Financial Group

    Close-Up TV News created a very wonderful segment for Forest Hills Financial Group.
    the cd's are a huge marketing hit, ... it was a pleasure to work with you.

  • Forest Hills Dental

    ... we appreciate all you hve done for us,
    especially the time and effort it took you to create such a wonderful advertisement for our office.

  • Golden First

    Thank you, Close Up TV News... It will be a great marketing opportunity.

  • Hartsdale Canine Cemetery, Inc.

    We recently added the video to our website and have received numberous compliments about how professional it is.
    ... The whole process went smoothly without exception and all deadlines were met.

  • Huntington Hills

    ... we received our CD's and we could not be more pleased with the process and outcome
    Our finished segment is terrific and we love the way you captured the caring and competency of Huntington Hills!

  • Nationwide Risk Consulting, Inc.

    I could no be more pleased with my production
    and because of this invaluable marketing tool I have seen my business increase by 20%!

  • Signalert

    The final script and edited film did an excellent job of conveying our message
    ...along with concern for the personal needs and investment objectives of our clients.

  • South Shore Child Guidance Center

    Your professional expertise, exceptional dedication and sensitivity to this crucial issue
    are very much appreciated by our staff, clients and expecailly me!!!

~From Dr. Sydney Scott

 Are you nervous, wanting to get your voice out but.... Jim Masters takes all the BUTS away. How ? He talks with you, asking insightful questions in such an intimate open way before you know it he has captured you as you shine- you at your very best for the world to hear and see. There is no better guide by your side than Jim Masters" - Dr. Sydney Scott and The Alchemist Professors.


 I have had the pleasure of working with Jim on both a video interview and a series of radio interviews through CUTV News. Jim is an excellent host; making you feel comfortable and at ease, creating questions and dialogue that facilitate the conveyance of the material to the listeners – which is great. He has a natural curiosity and generally wants to understand what you do and how the listeners can benefit. I highly recommend working with Jim if you have the opportunity".

~John H Spenker

Program & Change Management Consulting; Professional Coach; Author; Speaker. Synergistic Coaching & Consulting, LLC. International Coach Federation

From: Ewa Kleczyk
[ mailto: ]

  Hi Louis:

happy weekend! I would like to thank Barry for calling me yesterday and talking to me about my background. He was very professional and supportive while conducting the interview. I look forward to the background write up and to continue the journey further.

thank you again for this opportunity and kind regards,

~ Ewa

From: Sherry Banaka []

 Thank you so much, Louis!
I really appreciate the fast response.
Yes, I'm doing well. My practice is starting to expand. I may reach out to you for another interview at some point in the future. Just not ready yet.
I hope all is well with you and all the CUTV staff. You guys are great!

Best regards,

From: Dr. Angela Koponen


Working with Doug and Jim was such a pleasure. Both are very professional and easily put me at ease. I especially connected well with Jim. He just seemed like an old friend. I look forward to listening to many of their future shows and will be recommending their shows to my contacts as well.

Thanks so very much,

Dr. Angela Koponen

Email Me!

KOPONEN Associates
website Communication by Design

 Thoroughly enjoyed my conversations with Jim, and with Doug Llewelyn last week. An all-around positive experience.

Thanks again.

Change Management Associates Int’l

From: Reneau Kennedy

  Thanks Lou.

I enjoyed my time with Jim and appreciate having the opportunity to be part of your group. Thanks so much.

Kind regards,

From: Peter Metzner

  Thanks Louis,
I have been posting it and getting great feedback!

From: Marshall Goldsmith

  Dear Lou,
Greetings from New York!
Thank you!
I loved working with Jim!
Life is good.


From Jamie Levinson, president of Jamie Levinson, Consulting, LLC.

  Hello Lou,
I want to thank you for the terrific experience I had with CUTV. I just completed the 2nd conversation which was with Jim Masters, who I can’t speak highly enough. Jim has an authentic and warm style which made the conversation flow beautifully! You can tell he is really interested in his speaker and thoughtful as he speaks. Really enjoyed working with him.

I have one request - I see I do not have a picture next to my archived interviews. I would like to have one there- so I have attached one to this email. if you could see that it gets up there -I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you again very much for everything - was a lot of fun! Happy holidays!

Jamie "I just had a great interview with Jim Masters today on CUTV News Radio - thank you Jim for everything- it was an awesome experience - so much fun!"


From: Jamie Finkelstein []

 Hello Lou,

I want to thank you for the terrific experience I had with CUTV. I just completed the 2nd conversation which was with Jim Masters, who I can’t speak highly enough. Jim has an authentic and warm style which made the conversation flow beautifully! You can tell he is really interested in his speaker and thoughtful as he speaks. Really enjoyed working with him.

I have one request - I see I do not have a picture next to my archived interviews. I would like to have one there- so I have attached one to this email. if you could see that it gets up there -I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you again very much for everything - was a lot of fun! Happy holidays!

Jamie Levinson
Executive Coach - Jamie Levinson Consulting

From: Sophia Samuels

 Good Morning Lou,
Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed being interviewed by Jim Masters yesterday. I found him to be so amicable, pleasant and a joy to interact with!

As for my own personal experience, Jim truly created a comfortable milieu and set at ease all concerns related to the delivery of my preparations! In fact, Jim was so very gracious and accommodating to the entire experience that I am truly grateful that he was radio host yesterday and will again be on December 15th.

When will yesterday's radio show be achieved? I looked for it on the CUTV News site earlier this morning and did not find it. Is it your procedure to post only after the two interviews have been completed?

Thanks for your time!
Have a wonderful day and a good weekend!
Sophia Samuels

Katherine Trinit

 Dear Lou,

RE: Katherine Trinity – Spiritual Alchemist, Energy Healer and Teacher
November 4th CUTV News Talk Radio Interview with Jim Masters

I am writing this letter to highly compliment Jim Masters.
He truly is a ‘Master’ interviewer and well seasoned in his craft.
I found his style of interviewing very engaging with the ease and comfort of having a conversation with an old soul friend.

I liked that he didn’t just ask basic scripted questions, but that he wove the questions into the interviewing conversation, which enabled me to communicate the information that was most important to share. Although I know he is a pro... and he has a similar style with the many people he has interviewed, I felt a genuine sincerity and interest of engagement from his part.

I also enjoyed our post interview conversation and am very much in alignment with his humanitarian causes and interests! I am grateful to have had the opportunity to connect with Jim.

Wishing you Peace, Love and Light
Katherine Trinity

 Dear Lou,

THANK YOU so much for the opportunity to have been interviewed by Jim Masters on CUTV News today. It was the most enjoyable and, I believe, successful interview I’ve ever had—and I’ve had a few. He made me feel so relaxed talking about my book (Laugh Your Way to Real Estate Sales Success) and life experiences and brought out information that I really wanted to share.

He obviously cares about showcasing his subjects in the best light and even took the time to call me afterward to chat and let me know that we did great—a lovely courtesy, since most interviewees would wonder (and worry) about how they performed.

I will definitely be back for more Jim Masters interview when I complete my next book. If I were to rate Jim’s interview skills, I’d give him a 20 out of 10!

Cathy Turney
Broker/Partner, #01056789
State Certified Appraiser, #AR008672

Better Homes Realty
2950 Buskirk Ave., Suite 300
Walnut Creek, CA 94597
(925) 686-2290

Cathy Mott

 "I had an opportunity to be interviewed by Jim Masters on CUTV News Radio. What an awesome experience. Jim took the time to connect with me before we went live on the air. . By the time we went live on the air, I felt like I was talking to a life long friend, which allowed me to just be myself minus the nerves. Thank You Jim...such a pleasure working with YOU!"

-Cathy Mott, PCC, ISEI

Executive Coach/Consultant CWC Leadership Development, LLC

From: Katherine Nuyens

Sent: Tuesday, December 22, 2015 9:54 AM
Subject: Holiday Thank you!

 Dear Lou and Barry,

You both played a significant role in my life this past year! Thank you for all your patience, encouragement and time spent devoted to me and my goal to speak to a larger audience.

I look forward to watching my life expand into my soul's mission to teach others what I have learned and experienced in my life. Thank you for being such an essential part of it!

Christmas blessings to you both!

Katherine Nuyens MA, CH, CST
The Executive Building

I'm the Holistic Practitioner to call when you want to create CHANGE in your life!

Esther Lamnyam
IT Systems Architect Wellness/Life
Success Strategist; Speaker | Fixing at the root.

 Hello Louis,
    Thank you very much for having me on the show, for your follow-up call and all the links you sent me.
I appreciate being on the show very much and hope I can so again soon.
Best wishes and Regards,

- Esther

Nikki Arguinzoni-Gil

 Thanks so much, Doug for your guidance and energy during our interview! It was such an honor and pleasant experience being on CUTVNEWS radio with you!

Linda Liljedahl

 I cannot tell you how much fun it it to finally get to tell the public how great Civil Mediation is, how good it is for the general public, how much it could help them, and how easily accessible it is to them. After trying to do this on my own for about 20+ years, after just 1/2 hour on this great show I reached more people than I ever have. I can't wait for my next 2 shows, the next one tomorrow Friday, 9May2014 at 3 EST. Thanks for everything!! Always, Linda Liljedahl

P.S. Also Thanks Twice to Doug for his great questions, guidance and mentoring. I don't think you can have a bad interview when he's the one leading. I'm looking forward to more talks in the future, too.

Regina Ozoemela

 Thank you Jim for having me on Close-Up Talk Radio and for a fantastic interview! It was awesome! Looking forward to the rest of the interviews this August.

Jim Masters

 Thanks so much to Doug for having me on the show yesterday and for a great interview! It was so much fun! Looking forward to my shows in June with Jim!

Glenn Eugster

 CUTVNEWS is wonderful! Thanks for letting people share information to help each other.

Kathryn Kemp

 Hi there -
Nice thank you from Kathryn Kemp regarding our interviews. Passing along in case you want to use for positive publicity, etc.

Dr. Rose Kumar

 Hi Jim,

After doing 100's of radio interviews, I can confidently say that your interviews have been some of the best I have ever done!
Your style and depth of questions are amazingly good, clearly a reflection of who you are.Thank you for the rich conversation and your soulful presence in my life today.

I am so grateful for your authenticity and TRUTH and your desire and passion to seek.

You are an inspiration for me and for the men of our world.

I love interviewing with you and look forward to the next two sessions, but even more than that to a continued authentic connection.


Rose Kumar

A Cummings

 Thank you!!!!     Jim is fantastic!!!!

You and your whole team have been incredible. Thank you.

Regina Davis

 Hi Jim,
Thank you for being such a great host for the recent radio/computer interviews. My co-author/illustrator, Carolyn Royer Spencer, and I enjoyed talking with you about our anti-bullying children\'s book series. Thank you for being such an ardent anti-bullying advocate!


I would like to compliment Elizabeth Adams for her help and advice on how to promote our anti- bullying children\'s book series. Bravo, Elizabeth!

 Thank you for all the things you scheduled to help promote our anti-bullying series and website- Your hard work is truly appreciated!

Mary Ellen McNaughton

 Hi Jim

I would just like to let you know that I am very pleased with our progress so far!
I have really enjoyed working with you and having your help to elucidate the underlying ideas and understandings that I work with as a counselor.

Mary Ellen.

Global Glory Ministries

 Thank you Lou,

We are so grateful for your spotlight on our ministry.
Dr. Marina

Every generation is looking to be served by the leaders that carry the movement of the word.

Eng. Monique Sidaross

 Dear Lou,

Thank you so much for the Audio file, I posted it on facebook and Linkedin. I would like to thank you and Elizabeth Adams for this opportunity. I also like to thank Doug Llewelyn for his great presentation on the air. He has an amazing way to conduct a smooth conversation and make me comfortable to reply and put me at ease on the air. I enjoy talking with him.

Sue McDaniel

 Dear Lou,

Wanted to let you know that I just had a great conversation with Kevin. We talked about our common value of integrity. He shared ways I can have these sites really work, save money on these sites and not be taken advantage of again. I truly appreciate that! Thanks!!!

Marie B. Pinschmidt

Have enjoyed my three interviews with you. Thanks for making it easy.