CUTV News Radio spotlights Sophia Samuels of High Way to Boundless, LLC

Missoula, MT – “Every life has a dream. Every dream has a life longing to be lived.” – Sophia Samuels

Sophia Samuels is a certified life mastery consultant, transformational life coach and the founder of High Way To Boundless, LLC. Trained and certified through Mary Morrissey’s Life Mastery Institute, Sophia’s role is to help and support her clients identify and realize the longings and dreams of their life.

“The name of my business reflects the infinite potential that every human being possesses to live and expand into a greater version of themselves, no matter their circumstances,” says Sophia. “We are not bound by the life we live. We are only limited by the thoughts we think.”

Whether working with individuals, groups or an organization, Sophia helps her clients create a blueprint they can follow to transition themselves from where they are to where they want to be.

“As a coach, I’m at the top of that mountain with my clients and I help them come down to answers, joy, peace, fulfillment and exuberance for life,” says Sophia. “That’s what people are looking for.”

That’s why Sophia says Life Mastery is not about problems, but solutions, not about drudgery, but dream building. The “idea” of feeling better does not ignite the energy for a better life. Coaching provides the impetus toward greater aliveness.

“Everything that we desire is already within us,” says Sophia. “My role is to champion and support my clients through a reliable process to find and realize the greater part of themselves and walk that path toward happiness, peace and fulfillment: a life they love living.”

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CUTV News Radio spotlights Love and Relationship Coach Angela Ambrosia

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New York, NY – The most important love story of all is your love story, but we’ve been programmed to believe relationships are complicated and destined to fail. We need a new language to create new voices and new ways of loving in relationships.

Angela Ambrosia is a love and relationship coach specializing in helping women to create the relationship of their dreams.

“There’s always something in your love story that reveals qualities of love that are important to you,” says Angela. “I’m passionate about creating a sense of love for a person that comes from within.”